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More Alumni Participation Needed

Michael P. Sheridan ’76
Alumni/Development Director

Let’s simplify the status of our high school. St. Mary High School is in good standing both financially and enrollment wise. However, it needs to grow and compete with other Catholic high schools in the very competitive landscape of Catholic education in this tri-county area.

On Sunday, September 24, St. Mary High School had 100 families attend our first open house of the year. We will have more families come to see our school this year than in the last 5 years. So, there is a serious interest in the small, catholic school setting which is our schools profile. That’s exciting.

It is a clear and simple formula. We need more financial assistance and scholarship funding to make it affordable for many of these families. We feel we are at our ceiling with tuition costs at $10,000.00, so where else can these funds come from? That’s right, us, the Alumni of St. Mary High School.

If we do it, our alma mater will thrive. If we don’t, it will struggle.

Many of you have been very generous over the years and for that we all are grateful. However the number of alumni participation is not what it should be and needs to be. It’s time for more alumni to step up and for more of us who do “give back” to encourage friends and classmates to join our effort.

The time is now! Not when we’re faced with a crisis situation like many of the Catholic schools that could not overcome and are now shuttered. Now! While our school is in a good standing and attractive to over 100+ new interested families. Now, while we are in a good place financially.

Now’s the Time!

Go Gaels!

Michael P. Sheridan ’77

Alumni/Development Director

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We are currently in year two of “Growing the SM Alumni” through Class Reps Program. We now have 71 class reps in place. Ideally we would need 3-4 reps per class in order to successfully connect with all members of each class. It is my strong belief that who reaches out is as important as the message we are delivering.  If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative, click the Sign me up button below.