The life of a Saint Mary High School student incorporates a variety of aspects including academic, extracurricular, and service. Students encounter challenging academic classes, various athletic and after school club opportunities, as well as volunteer activities that are the essence of upstanding young men and women.

For over 89 years, Saint Mary High School has prided itself on developing students into successful men and women who use their abilities to better themselves and others. Students do not simply come to a high school; they become a part of this historic place, each somehow leaving an imprint upon the other.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes ensure that our students get the absolute most out of their instructional time.

Practical Learning

SMHS offers plenty of hands-on education through the use of science labs, an art studio and state-of-the-art computer lab.


The Guidance Department strives to prepare our students to gain acceptance into college.

Service and Ministry

SMHS offers numerous opportunities for our students to become involved in community service and apostolic ministries.

Activities and Organizations

The student activity programs at SMHS provide our students with many leadership opportunities.


St. Mary High School provides its students with access to the latest computer hardware and software.


At St. Mary High School, we strive to make every student feel wanted and that they are part of a family.


Students are expected to treat their classmates and teachers with a level of professional respect and to respect the rights of others.


All students are required to abide by the rules and guidelines as outlined in the Student Handbook.


A quality Catholic education is focused around prayer.  Each day starts off with prayer and announcements.