SMHS Key Club hosts a Color Run to benefit Tomorrow’s Children

On September 29th, Saint Mary High School Key Club hosted a Color Run. I decided to organize the color run for Saint Mary after attending one at Millburn High School. After seeing their school spirit and the amount raised for their charity, I was inspired to bring the idea to St. Mary.

Since this was the first time St. Mary would be hosting the event, I had to start from scratch. This involved first getting the approval from the Rutherford borough council with the help of Mrs. Barbara Bennett, the Director of Rutherford Recreation. I also met with Mrs. Tara Brunt for her approval and support. Once I had secured the location and date through their help, I began working on the necessary supplies to have a successful color run. This included designing flyers, ordering T-Shirts, calculating the necessary amount of colored powder to order for the event, and having food and water for the participants. Thanks to the generosity of Inserra Supermarkets ShopRite of Wallington, I managed to get all of the food and water for the event donated. Fortunately, we had terrific weather for the run. In the end, there were over 100 participants in attendance, including students, faculty, and alumni.

The color run was a great way for all of the students to come together as a school and support a great cause. We were able to raise over $2,400 through registration and donations from faculty, alumni, and parents. All of the proceeds will be donated to Tomorrows Children’s Fund, of which I was a patient of for the first six years of my life. Through this event, I am able to give back to a charity that helped my family and me so much. I would like to thank everyone, especially my family, for supporting me through this process.