SMHS Senior accepted into summer program at Cornell University

Jessica Gentile, Class of 2022, was recently accepted into a summer program at Cornell University. Jess took the class, “Conservation Medicine: A Veterinary Perspective,” to get a better understanding of veterinary medicine outside of the small animal practices that care for cats, dogs, birds, and the many other “best friends” that we all come to cherish in our daily lives.

Jess has learned about protecting wildlife through daily labs, which have been highly engaging to the students. One lab required Jess to create a prototype of an invention that will be helpful in the field of conserving wildlife. Her final project for the class is a documentary she is creating about the illegal wildlife trade. The class has opened her eyes to veterinary medicine for all creatures (outside of what she sees when she goes to work) and deepened her passion of caring for God’s many creations.

We wish Jessica the best of luck as she continues her class at Cornell University, but she may not need it since her current grade is a 106.6% (she received extra credit on one of her exams)!