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Tim McNeilly '70 gifts $50,000 to St. Mary High School

I remember St. Mary High School as a school that welcomed students into a new world of learning, respect, discipline, and caring about us as individuals. For me the academics were challenging, and our teachers worked tirelessly to help us master any particular subject. I formed friendships with my classmates, teachers and coaches that have lasted a lifetime. My fondest memories of St. Mary come from playing on the football team, running on the track team, going to basketball games, and all the social events that were held at the school. St Mary taught me, respect and compassion for one another, teamwork, honesty, and the importance of meeting commitments to myself, my classmates, and the school. I have relied on these values throughout my personal and professional life.

For all these reasons, I am pleased to gift St. Mary High School $50,000. I contribute to St. Mary to ensure that the school continues to provide the same quality education that I received so many years ago. People say one constant in life is “Change”. Things have Changed at St. Mary, if my parents were faced with the equivalent amount of tuition that today’s parents are facing my parents would have needed assistance to pay the tuition or my brothers, sisters and I would not have been able to attend St. Mary.

There are many worthy charities to support in the world today, because of the opportunities that St. Mary provides its students I think St. Mary is one charity that deserves our assistance.