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Failure is Just a Setback

George Castellano has come a long way from his childhood in suburban New Jersey. In his book “Failure is Just a Setback… Giving Up is Forever”, he recounts his troubled teen years, his time in the military, and working as a carpenter, and how he had trouble finding his purpose through early adulthood. It was the encouraging words of a coworker that changed his perspective on everything, and led him thought all of his failures to discover his true calling – a calling he hadn’t heard since he was a kid.

Through failures, setbacks, and heartbreaks, he persevered and never gave up.

When asked about why he chose write this book, George said

“I wrote about my growing up first in Bellville, then at six, moved to Rutherford. My life was like a kaleidoscope, ran away from home, went to jail, graduated 8th from the bottom of my class, joined the Air Force at 18 and left after 8 months with an honorable discharge. Joined the carpenters union age 19, traveled alone by motorcycle from North Africa to the Arctic circle. At age 21, started college, dropped out 5 times, took remedial math and chemistry at night and even at age 22 managed to audit the sophomore high school physics class at St. Mary. I had to get permission from the principal, a nun with the stipulation that I dress with the jacket and tie like the other students. Finally at age 27, I went to Mexico to study Medicine and had to learn Spanish. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The wild stuff is unbelievable.”

To purchase a copy of George’s book “Failure is Just a Setback… Giving Up is Forever”, go to https://www.amazon.com/Failure-Just-Setback-Giving-Forever/dp/1957351098