Why your donation is so critical to our alma mater’s future!

Tuition at St. Mary High School is $10,500.00. Paying competitive salaries to keep highly qualified teachers is necessary and costly.  Add the costs of the latest technology and equipment, the cost of maintaining the facility, and the cost of supporting 22 athletic teams and extracurricular activities and you can understand why.

Most of our families cannot afford this expense. This year we awarded $285,500 in financial aid and scholarship to assist our families and maintain our enrollment. Currently we have 205 students enrolled at St. Mary High School. Our goal is to add 25 more by next school year. We feel this is feasible due to the fact that over 80 applicants listed SM as their 1st choice of high schools on the Archdiocese Catholic school test last year. In addition, 150 prospective students spent a day visiting SM through our “Gael for a day” program with wonderful feedback from the students who participated in this experience. These numbers show that the interest is there and St. Mary High School is very attractive. The affordability factor that is the challenge!

Shrinking Down the numbers for you

480 alumni participated in this year’s Annual Giving Campaign raising $221,000. That is roughly 11% of alumni participation. If we can improve our participation percentage, we can easily reach our goal of $350,000.

As alumni, we can understand and appreciate all the positives of a Catholic school education. What we all experienced while at SM was nothing short of great. That has not changed! Only the cost of that great experience has changed. We need your financial support so that families like ours can afford that same experience. Our goal is to raise $350,000. This amount will provide the funding needed to increase our enrollment to 230 students. By taking this financial burden off the school’s budget, our alma mater can now allocate that money to improve the quality of the SMHS experience!

Last year 5 new scholarships were created by alumni families and caring classmates and friends honoring the memory of loved ones. We are on the right track; however, not enough of us are participating! Please give to one of our Memorial Scholarships or simply donate what you can to your Class Scholarship.

Your alma mater needs you to support this worthy cause now! No gift is too small, please do your part.