Spring Appeal


St. Mary High School is in the midst of competing for some of our area’s top students to join our class of 2022. We are winning over many of those students; our enrollment is 10% higher than it was last spring. The diligent work of recruiting & admissions Director Joe Ziaya, along with your generous contributions to our financial aid and scholarship program, are helping us move in the right direction, but we still need to boost our number of incoming freshman.

To gain momentum we constantly need to replenish our funding. The Fall Giving Campaign raised $127,000. Again, more than last year’s campaign but well shy of our annual goal of $350,000. All efforts are focused on attaining that goal through the Spring Appeal. I believe we can reach our goal if we get alumni talking to alumni about joining our effort regardless of the gift amount. Increasing the number of $50 donors is essential to the mission. Please participate!

We are winning the battle of maintaining our small Catholic school as an option for parents today, and our great school is certainly worth your investment. Join our winning team! I am excited to announce the creation of five new Alumni Memorial Scholarships that alumni can donate to.* With these new scholarships has come new alumni support and a genuine love and remembrance for our deceased classmates, family members, and loved ones. We now have 13 active Alumni Memorial Scholarships.

Finally, if you are one of many who have joined our effort, become part of our class representative program and help us GROW.


Michael P. Sheridan
Alumni/Development Director