Ways to Give

People support a cause or institution because they believe in its mission and purpose. St. Mary’s donors support the school because they believe in the quality of education provided and the flexibility it maintains in order to respond where needs and opportunities are greatest.

St. Mary’s keep donors’ needs in mind by offering a plethora of giving options. Unrestricted gifts made to the school go into the general fund and are spent at the discretion of the administration to be used where needed most. Restricted gifts may also be made for a variety of purposes.

The desire to give, investment opportunity, and the impact of federal and state taxes are three considerations that should be kept in mind when planning a gift. The magnitude of a gift can vary considerably depending on timing, type of gift, and vehicle used.

All departments, the library, and athletics have needs and projects to explore.


Cash giving remains the most used and the most feasible giving method. Matching Gift — Many businesses and corporations have a policy in which they will match or partially match an employee’s cash donation.

Appreciated Securities

Millions of Americans own securities. If consideration is being given to making a gift of stocks, bonds, money market or mutual funds, they are easy to transfer and currently offer favorable tax benefits.

Tangible Personal Property

Donated personal property in the form of books, art, equipment, furnishings, etc., may be an excellent gift opportunity for the donor and of great benefit to the school. These “gift-in-kind” investments are encouraged at any time.


All schools today face rising costs for faculty salaries, scholarship aid, equipment and energy needs, to name a few. A gift through a will can help St. Mary’s meet these needs for the future.

A general bequest of an unrestricted sum of money, or a predetermined percentage of the estate are the most common testamentary gifts. Other forms include designated bequests for specific purposes; residuary bequests consisting of money or property left over after specific bequests have been made and contingency bequests if other heirs have died.

Alumni Memorial Fund

Contributions to this fund are used for student financial aid.


This special form of commemorative giving allows the donor to remember someone the donor admires, respects, loves or wishes to honor on a particular occasion.

Most memorial gifts are in the form of cash; however, gifts of property, securities and more substantial memorial bequests are also encouraged. Gifts may be made to the general fund or a named memorial fund.

If there’s interest in making a lasting tribute to a friend or loved one, furthering a special cause, and helping students now and in the future, the donor should contact the Alumni/Development Department.

Funds have been established to support various purposes. Named funds are established in honor, in memory, or in the donor’s own name. Donors interested in establishing a named fund should contact the Alumni/Development Department.

Contributions to the following existing named funds will be administered through the Alumni Memorial Fund.

  • Lucille and Anthony Chiaviello Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Philip F. Sheridan, Sr. (35) Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • “Coach” Leo Moran Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas J. Holden (59) Scholarship Fund
  • Bill “Moose” Young (74) Scholarship Fund
  • David J. Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Christopher Gagliano (96) Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jack Jones (56) Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Nancy Leone Diverio (79) Memorial Grant
  • Charles F. Wooley (46) & Mary Lucia Wooley Scholarship Fund
  • The Ryan Family Scholarship Fund
  • Lawrence G. Foster (43) Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Karle Schak (39) Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Daniel M. Moran (72) Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dan & Mary Halfpenny (64) Honors Scholarship Fund