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What is Christian Service? Simply put, any effort made to selflessly give on one’s time, talent, and love to another person(s) is Christian Service. While some activities are based in human kindness, such as babysitting a child, this is not an example of Christian Service. Christian Service calls for all students to spread the love of God through both small and great feats.

We hope that these Service Hours instill in our students a desire to continually help those in need and to spread the Gospel message throughout their life.

  • Students MUST complete 10 hours of Christian Service EACH year; if a student goes over 10 hours in a specific year, those hours DO NOT carry over for the following year.
  • Students, before participating in a Service Event, must have pre-approved Participation Forms by their teacher or the Theology Chairperson that the event qualifies as Christian Service.
  • Students will be required to present a PowerPoint at the end of each year in their Theology classes displaying what they did in their 10 hours of Christian Service and how it helped spread the message of Jesus Christ to others. Upon presenting, they will be awarded completion for Service Hours in that given year.