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COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Covid Vaccination Status

As part of Executive Order 253, signed by Governor Murphy in late August, the NJ Department of Health issued an Executive Directive and Updated Guidance for Schools on COVID-19 requiring all schools in the State to report weekly on COVID-19 cases and vaccination rates for staff and students. This information is submitted electronically to the NJ Department of Health, and does not include any identifying information regarding students or staff, only the total number.

As you are well aware, not all children are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination and the vaccine is not mandatory. If you have made the decision to vaccinate your eligible child, please send proof of vaccination. This will help us to be accurate in fulfilling the NJDOH reporting requirement and will assist us in our consultation with the local health department concerning quarantine decisions should the need arise in your child’s classroom. You can submit your child's vaccination status through the SMHS website. Click the link below to complete the form. As always, please be assured that all medical information is treated confidentially and held securely.