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Forever Road Warriors

If you previously went to, currently go to, or at the very least have been to our beloved St. Mary’s school, you know our gymnasium. While this gym has given us all that we need to practice, (the good and the bad), it has also enabled us to be one of the most consistent “road warrior” teams our league has ever seen for years. 

The 2022 Gaels Volleyball team already had their eyes set on improving from a breakout season in 2021. This year, our “road warrior” team finally had the opportunity to host a few home matches this year, all thanks to Felician University.  This new home allowed us to host 4 regular season games, more than we’ve ever seen before, which helped us to reach our incredible 21-3 regular season. A season which saw a major league realignment, in an even more competitive league, at that.

This year’s St. Mary’s girls’ volleyball team has seen a lot of firsts to say the least. In the forefront of these firsts are the team’s co-captains, Krystal Pozo & Alex Griesbauer, who reached 300 and 250 career kills respectively. These girls have been the glue of the team, exemplifying leadership & comradery throughout the season for the younger players who, for some, may have had their first ever Varsity starts this year. With that being said, each of our players have demonstrated their own individual skills throughout the year, which in simplest terms, have led us to our position today. 

The Gaels enter their first state tournament game this Tuesday, November 1st at 4:15PM at their new home court. The team plans to continue their positive season going & look to bring the school their first state title in Volleyball. After completing the season undefeated in league play and capturing the league title this year, St. Mary’s has most definitely been put on the map for future Volleyball prospects.  The program looks to continue to recruit future players to carry a dynasty that was created from the ground up. Let’s go Road Warriors!!!